Sunday, June 19, 2011

Metro Newspaper Launched

So a new newspaper called 'Read' has come out today which is aimed at the Dubai Metro passengers on the red line. The weekly paper, which will be issued every Sunday is billed as an infotainment title with information about events and happenings close to the Dubai Metro station plus information on celebrity visitors to Dubai, how the Metro system works and also movie listings.

Many worldwide metro or underground systems have a similar paper that is intended for those people who travel on public transport including the 'Metro' newspaper, a free sheet, which is available to pick up for users of the London Underground. Whether the 'Read' newspaper will be as successful as that is yet to be seen, but indeed they have a slightly different slant right now as the 'Metro' is more news based and issued daily.

80,000 copies of Read magazine will be issued each Sunday and it is available in 27 stations on the Red Line.

Did you pick up a copy of Read today? If so what did you think about it?


  1. Yes, I picked up the first copy of Read. today and was really impressed with it. There is great reading material in it. This means that every week I have something exciting to read on the train, instead of looking out of the windows or making numerous phone calls to pass the time. Read!

  2. That is good news that they seem to have got it right. Shame in that case that it is only once a week but maybe if it is a success then they will publish it more frequently.

  3. Red line map mistake.In intersection stations Union MS instead of Khalid Bin Al Walid MS and visa versa

  4. Hi, yes, I have changed this and you can find the more up to date info on the new blog which is at - this is the old one here.